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The work we do at our jobs and the time we spend shaping a career is a life-long process. It can all be taken away in a single moment, a person’s livelihood and life at risk after a workplace accident. A Houston workplace accident lawyer at Richard J. Plezia & Associates has the knowledge and experience to handle the following workplace accident cases:

What Can Cause a Workplace Accident?

There are numerous reasons for workplace accidents, and the Houston work accident lawyers at Richard J. Plezia and Associates have condensed the list to these seven:

  1. Neglecting Safety Procedures. Ignoring workplace safety rules is a top reason for workplace accidents. OSHA gives employees the right to a safe workplace.
  2. Lack of Preparation. Failing to think through a task can lead to failed preparation for work conditions, equipment needs, and safety precautions.
  3. Taking Shortcuts. Work procedures are written with employee safety in mind. Taking shortcuts to save time can increase the risk for an accident.
  4. Distractions. Jobs in maritime, offshore, and industrial facilities are physically and mentally demanding. Distractions take away from the concentration needed to do a task without causing a workplace accident.
  5. Unsafe Working Condition. Workplace accident data shows that a clean, well-kept, and uncluttered work environment reduces accident risk.
  6. Failure to Train Employees. New employees are a welcome sight for busy, overworked crews. However, rushing new hires onto the job without proper training is dangerous.
  7. Human Error. Machines that make mistakes are repaired and restarted. But human error can be dangerous. Pair human error with negligence and the chances of a workplace accident will skyrocket.

Get Job Site Injury Help From A Houston Workplace Accident Lawyer

Recovering from injuries suffered in a workplace accident is not the end of your case. While you recover, a Houston workplace accident lawyer at Richard J. Plezia & Associates will work to make sure that your rights are protected. What are your rights after a workplace accident?

  • The Right to An Attorney
  • The Right to Medical care
  • The Right Not to Talk
  • The Right to Recover

We protect these rights while handling your case and holding the negligent parties accountable. In some cases, employers’ have workers comp insurance, but nonsubscribers may be subject to a personal injury lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve. Let our workplace accident attorneys handle the communication with your company, the insurance adjusters, and the accident investigators. Contact us today to hear how Richard J. Plezia & Associates can offer you job site injury help or find out more in our workplace accident FAQs.

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