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There are a wide variety of maritime jobs, ranging from dockworkers to boat builders. Maritime employment is accompanied by an extensive volume of maritime law that specifically addresses the legal issues of sea navigation and commerce and the rights of maritime workers employed in this industry. Many of these laws were created to protect and provide for seamen and other offshore workers in the event of an injury accident.

Maritime Law Lawyer Houston TexasIf you need help from a maritime law lawyer Houston Texas law firm Richard J. Plezia & Associates can help. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the laws that govern maritime operations. If your maritime job has caused you harm, contact our maritime attorneys today for a consultation.

Maritime Worker Injury Protection

  • Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act. This Act protects employees injured in the maritime workplace. The Act helps fill the void left by regular workers compensation. Longshoremen, harbor workers, ship builders, ship repairers, winch operators, dock workers, and other harbor workers are covered by this Act. Workers at any facility used as an aid to navigation or maritime commerce may be able to use the Longshore and Harbor Workers Act to recoup financially following a workplace injury.
  • Unseaworthy Vessel Doctrine. This legal obligation holds shipowners and operators responsible for providing seaworthy vessels. In addition, the doctrine requires crewmembers to be fully trained and adequate for the job. Poor supervision, excessive work hours and insufficient certifications can all contribute to an inadequate crew.
  • Maintenance and Cure. These are two benefits that are specific to seamen. Maintenance is a daily stipend intended to cover room and board expenses after an injury. Cure covers all reasonable medical treatment related to an injury or illness. If your maritime employer denies either of these benefits, contact Rick Plezia & Associates immediately to investigate your case.
  • Jones Act. The Jones Act, previously called the Merchant Marine Act, covers any injury or fatality sustained by a seaman as the result of employer negligence. It also covers injuries sustained while living on, embarking, or disembarking a vessel. The Jones Act can help seamen recover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.
  • Death on the High Seas Act. The DOHSA covers maritime workers’ deaths that occur at sea three nautical miles or more from any state or U.S. territory. This federal law allows for financial recovery for certain family members of the deceased worker.
  • Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act. When an offshore worker is injured, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act is an important piece to obtaining compensation. Find out more about this maritime law and how it helps injured offshore workers.
  • Maritime Piracy Maritime workers who suffer injuries as the result of piracy attacks in foreign waters can still seek compensation through U.S. maritime laws.

Offshore Accidents and Injuries

  • Types of Offshore Accidents. There are a variety of accidents that can occur while working offshore. Many of these accidents can result in severe injury or death to maritime employees.
  • Common Offshore Injuries. The harsh conditions and dangerous equipment used in daily maritime operations can lead to a wide variety of injuries. Read more for a full list of injuries that our maritime attorneys can help you seek financial recovery for.

Get Help From A Maritime Law Lawyer Houston Texas

If you have been injured while working a maritime job, an experienced offshore injury attorney that knows the intricate details of maritime law can be your greatest ally. Any injury that occurs while working for a maritime owner or operator can qualify for damages, even if the ship owner tries to use the Limitation of Liability Act to reduce their financial responsibility.

Our attorneys protect offshore workers rights after an injury and can help keep your employer from taking advantage of you. Call Richard J. Plezia & Associates today to schedule a consultation with an experienced maritime law lawyer Houston Texas.

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