What is Bad Faith Insurance Litigation?

Bad faith insurance is a legal term that describes the rights an insurance policy holder has to make claims against an insurance company should it act irresponsibly. By United States law, insurance companies are required to deal positively with policy holders, which is referred to as an “implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.”

If and when an insurance company violates this policy, the insured may elect to file a claim or even sue the company on a bad faith claim in addition to a breach of contract claim. This is significant because breach of contract claims don’t allow for punitive or exemplary damages but bad faith claims do. These additional damages can be all the way up to three times the damages caused to person or property if the insurance company is found to have acted in bad faith.

Our Houston bad faith insurance litigation attorneys are experienced in taking on insurance companies who attempt to deceive their policyholders, and our specialties include:


Wind and Hurricane Damage

In Texas, hurricanes are no rare occurrence and everyone has suffered some sort of damage from them at one time or another. However, hurricane damage claims can be confusing, with certain areas being claimed a disaster, others not so lucky, and a limited amount of time in which to act. Displaced families may also be tempted to accept the first offer an insurance company makes, even though it may not cover all their expenses.

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Hail Damage

Hail may not seem like it, but it costs billions of dollars in damage each year, and the state that far and away suffers the most hail damage is Texas. With large hail having the ability to seriously damage or even destroy a piece of property, an insurance company may try to minimize the damage or the severity of the storm. However, our attorneys know that hail cannot only crush metal and destroy homes, it can cause serious injuries and even death.

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Fire Damage

Fires can happen instantly, and when they do, can cause severe damage to person and property. With approximately one fire occurring per minute across the nation, thousands of people are injured and killed each year, with the damage to property in the thousands. Insurance companies can take advantage of this stressful time and offer shocked policyholders a low ball claim as a result.

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance does cover damage done to home by a theft, fire, natural disaster, or other occurrence, but not every policy holder knows the additional items it should cover. As a result, they may accept an offer that short changes them on items such as cost of repair, cost to replace damaged items, cost to repair or replace vehicles, expenses for temporary living, and other expenses.

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Bad Faith Insurance Litigation Attorneys

If you have experienced damage to your property or person as the result of any of the above and are having issues when dealing with your insurance company, there is a limited time to act. Contact our Houston bad faith insurance litigation attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your case and ensure that you and your family are being treated fairly.

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