Wind and Hurricane Damage

Houston Hurricane Damage AttorneysIt is estimated that the average hurricane does approximately $1.8 billion in damages when it makes landfall in the United States. With 69 tropical or subtropical cyclones hitting the state of Texas since the year 1980, that averages to about two per year, and the Houston-Galveston area was ranked the fifth most vulnerable city to hurricanes in the nation by Climate Central. These figures don’t take into account other hurricane-like events, such as tornadoes, tropical storms, or severe thunderstorms. In fact, during the month of September alone, Texas is visited by an average of 21 storms.

Hurricane Damage to Property

The most likely form of damage a hurricane will make is to a property, usually a home. Whether by strong winds tearing off a roof, flood waters rising into the home, or a complete destruction of the home itself, hurricanes can be devastating and take everything families have. The one bright spot is that homeowners’ insurance policies are required to cover the damage, which can include:

  • The cost to repair a home
  • The cost to repair or replace structures that are attached or unattached from a home (garage, tool shed, guest house, etc.)
  • The cost for temporary living if a family is displaced
  • The cost to repair or replace items inside the home (furniture, electronics, appliances, jewelry, etc.)
  • Part of the cost of the homeowners insurance itself
  • The cost to replace a home if it is destroyed in the hurricane

Hurricane Damage to Person

If someone suffers a bodily injury as the result of a hurricane, they are also covered under their homeowners’ insurance policy. However, the maximum amount the insurance company pays can be low and insufficient should the injury be serious enough.

If someone who is not part of the family is injured on your property as the result of a hurricane, they may choose to file a suit against you. Homeowners insurance is required to pay to represent you in court in such a matter, and they are even required to pay the plaintiff if you are found responsible for the injuries sustained during a hurricane.

Wind and Hurricane Damage Claims

When a hurricane does do damage to person or property, the dollar amount of damage can often be disputed by the insurance company. Many of these types of disputes involve:

  • Bad faith claims – Insurance companies have a duty of good faith to be fair when it comes to their customers, a violation of which is dubbed “bad faith.”
  • Complex damage disputes
  • Foundation damage and structural claims
  • Hurricane damage coverage
  • Low ball payments, or payments that are far under the fair price of repair or replacement
  • Mold remediation
  • Whether water damaged items should be repaired versus replaced

Get Help From Houston Hurricane Damage Attorneys

Our Houston hurricane damage attorneys are based in Houston and have the experience needed to deal with insurance companies and other responsible parties. If you feel your insurance company is not being fair with you, is delaying your claim, or has denied it, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case and legal options. We do not charge for the initial consultation.

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