How Hardhats Save Lives

Rick Plezia May 24, 2016 Work Accidents

People that work in dangerous industries like construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas need to take extra precautions to ensure their own safety while on the jobsite. Proper training and safety equipment are the best protections against workplace accidents, and the staple of all personal safety equipment is the hardhat. They might seem like simple tools in keeping workers safe, but the ingenious designs of hardhats save lives each year.

How Do Hardhats Save Lives?

The most obvious benefit of wearing a hardhat, is that it protects the head from any objects that hit the head. To achieve this, a hardhat is composed of a hard outer shell and a shock-absorbing lining made out of a headband and straps that keeps the shell suspended at least one inch away from the head. With nearly 400 workplace fatalities occurring from falling or flying objects in 2011, the risk of head injuries are very real, and only a hardhat can reduce the severity of a head injury.

Types of Hardhats

Hardhats are divided into three categories based on their overall protection. Class G hardhats provide impact and penetration protection as well as voltage protection up to 2,200 volts. Class E hardhats include impact and penetration protection as well as the highest protection against electrical hazards with high-voltage shock and burn protection up to 20,000 volts. Class C hardhats provide impact and penetration protection, but offer no protection from electrical hazards.

No matter how careful employees are on the jobsite, sometimes accidents happen, and when they do, it’s important that employees have been provided with essential safety equipment. Employers must provide and pay for personal protective equipment like hardhats to employees that face higher risks of injuries.

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