How To Avoid Struck-By Accidents In The Workplace

Rick Plezia May 4, 2016 Work Accidents

Every year, thousands of workers are injured on the job. While some industries account for more accidents than others, every employer has a responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. When they fail to do so, they put employees at risk. One of the most common types of workplace accidents that workers face is struck-by accidents.

What Is A Struck-By Accident?

Struck-by accidents occur when an employee is struck by an object like heavy machinery, workplace vehicles, falling objects, etc. while on the jobsite. Construction workers are most at risk for suffering injuries from a struck-by accident, with 25% of all struck-by deaths occurring in the construction industry. However, any jobsite has the potential for struck-by accidents.

How To Avoid Struck-By Accidents

The proper safety equipment and planning can greatly decrease the likelihood of a struck-by accident and/or decrease the severity of injuries suffered in a struck-by accident.

To Help Avoid Struck-By Accidents, Employers Should:

  • Provide the appropriate safety gear to all workers. Hard hats, safety glasses, and gloves are essential safety gear items that can help keep employees safe.
  • Make sure all employees have appropriate training. Workers operating heavy machinery need to know how to safely operate it and employees working near the equipment need to know how to safely work around it.
  • Posting the appropriate safety and warning signs helps inform employees of potential dangers.
  • While all employees need appropriate safety training, employers should also ensure that they hire competent employees. Hiring inexperienced workers could put other employees at risk.

Because struck-by accidents account for nearly 10% of workplace fatalities, the proper safety procedures could save dozens of lives each year. However, when employers are negligent, employees can get injured or killed.

Houston Struck-By Accident Attorneys

If you suffered an injury due to a struck-by accident on the jobsite, you need an experienced Houston work accident attorney to help you hold negligent parties responsible. The attorneys at Plezia & Associates can help you recover compensation for your injuries. Call us today for a free consultation.