Hail Damage

Houston Hail Damage AttorneysHail is the natural disaster that causes the most damage to homes and cars across the nation. In fact, for insurance company State Farm and its 82 million customer accounts alone, hail damage cost them $2.4 billion in 2014. To make matters worse, Texas was the state that touted the most claims related to hail with 51,193 in 2014, followed by Illinois with 43,821 hail damage claims and Colorado with 42,365. The most damage to property happens when severe storms strike highly populated areas with large hail that is an inch or more in diameter, although some hail can be baseball-sized or larger. In Texas alone, there were 778 separate severe storm incidents that produced large hail.

Hail Damage Law

Texas law carries certain deadlines or statute of limitation for each individual storm that causes hail damage, which means any potential claim must be filed within that time period. Those who do not file within the statute of limitations lose their right to recover their losses forever. This time period is usually two years from the date of the hail event, although it is possible to set a statute of limitations on a case-by-case basis, or even on a storm-by-storm basis. For example, when Hurricane Ike hit Houston and caused billions in damage, a statute of limitations was set forth that would allow all the claimants a suitable amount of time to file.

Hail and storm insurance covers a variety of damages including but not limited to:

  • The cost to repair or replace a roof damaged in a hail storm
  • The cost to repair windows damaged in a storm
  • The cost to replace trees and other landscaping damaged in a storm
  • The cost to repair or replace a car, boat, or other vehicles damaged in a hail storm (even if they weren’t parked in the home’s garage)
  • The cost to repair or replace other structures on the property including garages, tool sheds, guest hosts, etc.
  • The cost to repair just about every item that was on the property or parked by the property that was damaged in the storm

Hail Damage Claims

Our Houston hail damage attorneys have seen many cases in Houston and the surrounding areas in which insurance companies have delayed, denied, and even underpaid the rightful claims of their policyholders who were victims in hail and other storms which caused thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollar in damage. By Texas law, these practices are illegal and insurance companies can and should be held accountable for acting in bad faith by the customers they are supposed to protect.

A little-known fact is that insurance companies can be sued for up to three times the damages caused to property if they act in their own best interest instead of their policyholders.

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