Texas Roof Hail Damage

Rick Plezia November 30, 2015 Hail Damage

It is not uncommon for a commercial property to suffer extensive hail damage after a severe storm, and the roof often suffers the most direct hit and tend to be one of the most heavily damaged parts of the building, whether it’s an office building, factory, industrial facility, or a shopping mall. Quite often, hail damage to a building’s roof can have a devastating effect on your business and, in many cases, if the repairs are not made promptly, they can lead to even worse issues down the road.

When Insurance Companies Deny Commercial Hail Damage Claims

Unfortunately, quite often the damage that occurs after the hail storm ends up being greater than the storm itself caused. Business owners pay an insurance carrier for coverage of damage to their property and they rightfully expect that the insurance company will pay them promptly when they incur covered damages. While some insurance companies take their responsibility seriously and pay claims immediately and without hesitation, there are insurance companies will try to limit their responsibility to the extent possible.

Some insurance companies may try to understate the value of the damage and deny the claim on that basis, whereas, other times they may attempt to offer a settlement that doesn’t even come close to the actual value of the damage. These tactics usually result in a delay of payment on your claim, which can mean a delay in repairs, which can do significant subsequent damage to a business’s relationship with clients and customers.

Although insurance companies are heavily regulated in the state of Texas, and the legal structure for insurance companies is crystal clear, some insurance companies will always try to get around the requirements to pay legitimate claims in a timely manner and to show a reasonable basis then they deny or delay payment, some insurance companies act in bad faith.

You should contact an experienced insurance claims attorney if you have experienced any of the following:

  • An improperly denied property damaged claim
  • Failure to pay the full amount of the claim promptly
  • The application of excessive depreciation
  • Inexperienced or unqualified adjusters who fail to properly investigate and, as a result, understate the extent of the damage
  • Unfair denials of claims based on policy exclusions, such as poor construction or manufacturing defects
  • One or more unfair or excessively low settlement offers
  • Engineering reports and consulting reports from people chosen by the insurance carrier that are incorrect and seem dishonest
  • Claims that your building did not meet current code when you know it did

Rick Plezia Texas Hail Damage Insurance Lawyer

If any of the above have happened and you believe your claim is not being treated fairly by your insurance company, they may be acting in bad faith. If they are denying you the full cost of a roof replacement or repair, an experienced property insurance litigation attorney, like those at the Law Offices of Richard J. Plezia, can help. We have the experience to make sure insurance carriers honor their commitment to you and help you recover what your business is owed.