Industrial Accident Causes

Industrial Accident Causes in Houston TexasIndustrial accident causes in Houston, Texas are often triggered by a combination of negligence and dangerous equipment. Working with heavy-duty trucks, forklifts, and machinery can lead to catastrophic industrial accident injuries. Broken bones, spinal cord injury, back pain, amputations, and brain injury are often the result of collisions with industrial equipment.

What are the roots of industrial accident causes in Houston, Texas? Employees injured on the job are at risk of injury from:

  • Poorly communicated safety procedures
  • Failure to comply with OSHA standards
  • Unmaintained equipment and lax inspecting standards
  • Improper storage of hazardous fluids
  • Failure to provide safety equipment

If you or a loved one has been harmed by any of these industrial accident causes in Houston, Texas – contact the industrial accident attorneys at Richard J. Plezia & Associates for legal help. A lawsuit may be the only recourse you have to recover financial damages from the negligent party. If an industrial injury has caused you to miss work and medical bills are stacking up, contact Richard J. Plezia & Associates for a free legal help consultation.

Industrial Accident Causes 

  1. Poorly Communicated Safety Procedures. Employers at large industrial jobs will commonly ignore safety procedures in the name of profit. Keeping the wheels turning and the economy moving is honest work, but not when safety procedures are ignored and employees’ health is at risk. Obeying procedures like fire drills, evacuation routes, and safety equipment should be the utmost of importance at any industrial job.
  2.  Failure to Comply with OSHA Standards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a federal agency that governs the safety procedures of American laborers. Employers that ignore OSHA standards risk federal fines, along with legal action from any employees injured due to the standards being ignored.
  3.  Unmaintained Equipment. Take one look at an industrial jobsite, and you can understand why maintaining equipment is a full time job for teams of machine technicians. Older machines are often the most dangerous as replacement parts become hard to find. If any machine – new or old – has injured you, don’t assume this was “part of the job”. Seek legal help from the industrial accident attorneys at Richard J. Plezia & Associates in Houston, Texas.
  4.  Improper Storage of Hazardous Fluids. Many industrial worksites store chemicals that are used for a variety of jobs like refining and lubrication. Mistakes with hazardous fluids can be catastrophic. Industrial explosions and fires often have their roots in improper fluid storage.
  5.  Failure to Provide Safety Equipment. Workers at industrial jobsites are often required to wear safety equipment. Some of these items include eye protection, ear protection, fluorescent clothing, head protection, steel toe footwear, fire retardant clothing, and gloves. If any employer allows his or her workers to do their jobs without the proper safety equipment, they are acting negligently and should be held accountable.

Get Help From An Industrial Accident Attorney

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an industrial accident, you have a limited time to act. The applicable statute of limitations may limit how much time you have to report your injury. Contact us, the industrial accident lawyers at Richard J. Plezia & Associates, immediately so we can help you learn your rights. There is no obligation when you contact our team of experienced accident attorneys for a consultation on your injury case. Have more questions about industrial accidents? See our Industrial Accident FAQ.

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