Industrial Accident FAQ

Industrial Accident FAQs for Houston WorkersIndustrial workers injured on the job as the result of employer negligence can face a difficult road ahead. When someone is injured in an accident, it is a common practice for the employer to deny culpability, minimize the injury, and try and settle the case through a meager workers’ compensation payout. What legal rights do you have? How can you fight for damages, and what damages can you recover?

The experienced industrial injury attorneys at Richard J. Plezia & Associates have answered many of these questions and more in our Industrial Accident FAQs for Houston area workers injured on the job.

What damages can I recover?

Employees injured in an industrial accident can expect to recover these three main types of damages: medical, lost wages, and mental anguish. Medical damages cover all treatment for your injury and long-term rehabilitation. Lost wages cover unearned income from missed work during recovery. Mental anguish is calculated by assigning a value to the pain and suffering you experienced in the aftermath of your injury.

Can my employer stop me from reporting my injury?

No. You should not let threats and pressure from your employer stop you from contacting the work injury attorneys at Richard J. Plezia & Associates. Employers will often attempt to dissuade injured workers from taking any legal action after a workplace injury. Reported accidents often lead to safety inspections and dinged safety records, all of which your employer will try to avoid.

Was my injury caused by negligence?

Negligence is defined as acting carelessly and without concern for safety. Our industrial accident attorneys have years of experience representing Houston industrial workers injured by some type of negligence. Working with safety specialists and accident professionals, we research the details of your incident and determine the level of negligence in your case.

Should I file a lawsuit to recover damages?

A lawsuit is one way to recover damages. Negotiation and mediation are two other methods. Richard J. Plezia & Associates industrial injury attorneys will evaluate your legal options and help you choose the best method to obtain a just and timely financial recovery for your injury. A lawsuit may be your best option, and we can prepare you for each step of the process.

Should I accept the offer from the insurance company?

It is common practice for your employer’s insurance company to make a lowball offer for injury compensation. The insurance company knows you need the money for medical bills and daily living, and they will make a fast offer hoping you take it. Avoid falling into this trap, and do not settle for the first offer. Insurance companies don’t have your best interest at heart.

Do I need a Houston Industrial Accident Lawyer?

If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in an industrial accident, you have a limited time to act. There is a legal statute of limitations that regulates how much time you have to file a lawsuit for your injury. Contact us, the industrial accident attorneys at Richard J. Plezia & Associates, immediately so we can help you learn your rights. There is no financial obligation to you when contacting our team of experienced accident attorneys for a free review of your injury case.

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