• Flood Damage

    5 Things To Know About Flood Damage

    Rick Plezia March 16, 2016 Insurance

    Residents along the Gulf Coast have experienced massive amounts of rainfall in the past month, but long-term weather reports are estimating that the worst is yet to come. With a particularly rainy season coming up, it’s important to make sure you know what to expect from flood damage.

  • What is a Workers’ Compensation Nonsubscriber?

    What is a Texas Workers’ Compensation Nonsubscriber?

    Rick Plezia February 11, 2016 Insurance

    Workers’ compensation is an insurance system regulated by the state that ensures medical bills and lost wages are covered for employees injured on the job. While most states require employers to provide this insurance coverage, Texas allows private employers the…

  • Medical Certification for Truck Drivers

    Medical Certification for Truck Drivers in Texas

    Rick Plezia February 3, 2016 Insurance

    Driving a large commercial truck is not an easy job that just anyone can do. Most trucks are large, unwieldy and not nearly as agile as cars. The ability to drive one of these huge vehicles on the highway takes…

  • Texas Tornado Damage Claims

    Texas Tornado Damage Claims

    Rick Plezia January 27, 2016 Insurance

    A large portion of Texas sits smack dab in Tornado Alley, which is what meteorologists call the area of the United States with the largest frequency of tornado activity. In fact, while many people think of Kansas when they think…

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