OSHA and a Construction Workers Right to a Safe Workplace

OSHA and A Construction Workers Right to a Safe Workplace in TexasOSHA and the Department of Labor consider construction work to be a “high hazard industry.” Construction workers perform a wide variety of activities in various environments, some of which can be dangerous.  Some of these environments include, but are not limited to, scaffolding, trench work, elevator shaft work, and work on high-traffic roadways such as interstates.

OSHA protects a construction workers right to a safe workplace. When an employee suspects their employer is not maintaining a safe work environment for its workers, or if they have been injured in a workplace accident, a complaint should be filed with OSHA and an experienced attorney should be consulted.

OSHA Construction Industry Safety Guidelines

OSHA’s safety guidelines cover the regulation of the use of machinery and safety equipment, exposure to materials, fire hazards, vehicle safety, and various other parts of the construction industry. These guidelines are meant to protect and instruct both the employer and the employee.

Construction employees should always have access to OSHA safety guidelines, as well as to their rights and protections as defined by OSHA. The guidelines cover all employees, whether directly employed or contracted.

Construction Worker Rights

Construction workers have specific rights provided to them by OSHA. The main and most important right is the right to a safe work environment. When this right is violated, construction workers can take the following actions:

  • Access OSHA information such as regulations and safety requirements
  • Access related records on work-related illnesses and injuries
  • File a complaint with OSHA against the employer
  • Call OSHA for an inspection and receive a copy of the inspection results
  • Right to immunity from retaliation for filing a complaint with OSHA

OSHA protects a construction workers right to a safe workplace and allows them to take action against an employer who does not provide a safe work environment. An unsafe work environment leaves employees at risk of serious injuries.

Injuries in Construction

Various injuries may occur as a result of employer negligence or the absence of a safe work environment. They are often similar to industrial accident injuries. Examples of possible workplace accidents can include:

  • Falls, such as from rooftops or scaffolding
  • Machinery and equipment malfunction
  • Electrocution
  • Asbestos exposure

Other injuries may occur depending on the construction job, location, and other factors. When these injuries are a result of employer negligence, or if the worker was not in a safe work environment at the time, there are protections for the employee. If you are not sure if your injuries or perceived violations are covered under OSHA safety guidelines, seek guidance from a knowledgeable attorney at Richard J. Plezia & Associates.

Enforcing OSHA and Construction Workers Right to a Safe Workplace in Texas

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