Negligent Hiring of Employees

Negligent Hiring of Employees HoustonWork accidents can have many causes, many of which arise out of the employer’s negligence. Negligent hiring of employees in Houston can lead to dangerous accidents leaving employees injured or even causing death. Thankfully, most employees who have suffered injuries due to employer negligence are eligible to receive compensation.

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What is Negligent Hiring of Employees in Houston?

When an employer hires employees who are not fit for the duties of the job, the employee is considered to be hired negligently. This mainly applies to jobs involving physical or skilled labor, or where the duties may otherwise involve machinery, equipment, or tasks that can cause injury if performed incorrectly.

Reasons an employer might negligently hire employees can include:

  • To alleviate an undermanned workforce
  • To cut costs by hiring unskilled workers who can be paid less
  • Improper hiring procedures

Although these are the most common reasons for negligently-hired employees, they are not exhaustive. When an employee is hired that is not fit for a job and it results in an accident, a negligent hiring claim is possible.

What is a Negligent Hiring Claim?

In Texas, a negligent hiring claim is similar to other personal injury negligence claims. However, these claims explore the extent to which the employer is responsible for the harm caused to the employee. A negligent hiring claim will assess the following:

  • The duty the employer has to hire competent employees
  • If that duty was breached
  • If the breach of that duty caused personal injury to the employee
  • The damages an injured worker can recover

Recovering damages and receiving compensation for a personal injury resulting from a work accident can be time-consuming and stressful without guidance. It’s important to consult a knowledgeable attorney for the best possible outcome in your claim.

How Does Negligent Hiring Affect Work Accidents in Texas?

An example of negligent hiring affecting work accidents could occur when a construction worker was hired even though the employer knew he or she did not fully understand the equipment they would be working with. Additionally, no training or guidance was provided. The new construction worker is led to believe they would be able to use the equipment safely, but something goes wrong and he or she is injured in a work accident and/or injuries another worker on the job.

Compensation for damages may be possible in the construction injury due to the circumstances of employment and potential negligence on the employer’s behalf.

What Can I Do if I Have Been Injured in a Work Accident?

If you have been injured in a work accident, regardless of negligence, seek medical care. A documented record of injuries will help you with any future potential legal claims. Even if you are not sure if your work-related personal injury is eligible for compensation, you should still consult an experienced attorney.

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