Nursing Errors Lawyer Houston

Nursing Errors Lawyer HoustonNursing is one of the most beloved professions. Nurses are known for their compassion, humility, and service to those suffering from illness. The occupation is often high stress and demanding, requiring long hours and overnight shifts. Combine the job’s rigors with gaps in training and poor judgment, and the result can be nursing errors that harm patients. Common mistakes the nursing errors lawyer team at Richard J. Plezia & Associates see include:

  • Incorrect mediation and dosage
  • Disregarding or not following physician orders
  • Documentation errors
  • Improper or lack of infection control measures

Incorrect Medication or Dosage

Medication errors can be fatal. From dispensing an incorrect dosage to giving the wrong medication, this nursing error is one of the most common. Brand new nurses and veterans of the profession alike are all susceptible to making medication mistakes. Giving the correct drugs to a patient requires focus and concentration on doctors’ orders. Nursing errors that relate to medications are often the result of rushing to help a patient.

Missteps with Physician Orders

Nursing errors in following physicians’ orders can occur due to an honest mistake or by ignoring orders. Honest mistakes happen when a nurse misreads or fails to fully read a physician’s order. This type of nursing error can prove serious, but may not amount to medical negligence. However, when a nurse makes the conscious choice to ignore orders and circumvent directives, the arena of medical negligence has been entered.

If you or a family member have been injured by negligent nursing errors, the nursing error lawyers Houston at Richard J. Plezia & Associates are prepared to handle your case. Damages from a Texas negligent nursing claim can help your family take care of the injured party and recover financially.

Documentation Errors

Correctly recording information relating to a patient is a very important part of a nurse’s job. Errors in documentation can lead to an incorrect medical history and the failure to treat or diagnose future medical issues. Charting mistakes happen in a variety of categories:

  • History and Physical
  • Medications
  • Nursing Actions
  • Changes to Patient’s Condition
  • Patient Orders
  • Discharge Information

Infection Control Measures

Want to know the little secret that no hospital will tell? A hospital wants a patient out as quickly as possible to free up the bed space for the next person. Hospital administrators need to keep the place busy so that their medical institutions will remain profitable. The job of moving patients in and out falls to the nurses. Slowing down to follow infection control procedures is vital to patient health. When pressed to move quickly, infection techniques are some of the first things ignored.

Get Help From a Nursing Errors Lawyer in Houston

Simple actions like washing hands, using aseptic techniques, and cleaning instruments go a long way to stopping infections. Nurses that sweep these efforts under the rug are placing patients and the hospital at risk for infection outbreaks. Like the other medical errors, a nursing negligence claim is serious, and should be handled by a nursing errors lawyer. Contact the office of Richard J. Plezia & Associates to discuss a claim against a negligent nurse.

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