• Workplace Burn Injury

    The Importance Of Flame Retardant Clothing in Preventing A Workplace Burn Injury

    Rick Plezia June 21, 2016 Work Accidents

    Everyday, at least one arc flash explosion occurs that sends a victim to a burn center. Many workers are exposed to the risk of fire on a daily basis, but with the use of flame retardant clothing, workers can greatly reduce accidents and/or the severity of injuries.

  • How To Protect Yourself From Vibration Injuries

    How To Protect Yourself From Vibration Injuries

    Rick Plezia June 14, 2016 Work Accidents

    Many occupations in the construction and manufacturing industries rely on powered tools and equipment to complete jobs that workers wouldn’t otherwise be able to accomplish. Some tools and equipment cause small to large vibrations, and over time, repetitive vibration exposure can cause workers injuries.

  • Houston Trench Accidents Attorney

    Avoid Trench Accidents With These Safety Measures

    Rick Plezia June 8, 2016 Work Accidents

    For workers in the construction or oil and gas industry, one of the most dangerous jobs is excavating a trench. Trenches are generally longer than they are wide, which can make them unstable and prone to collapse. Because one cubic yard of soil can weigh as much as a car, it’s crucial that appropriate safety measures are taken when excavating trenches.

  • drive at night

    The Dangers of Driving At Night

    Rick Plezia June 1, 2016 Motor Vehicle Accidents

    While most driving activity occurs during daytime hours, the risk of a fatal car accident is nearly three times greater when driving at night despite fewer cars on the road. Driving at night poses unique risks that all drivers should be aware of to best protect themselves and other motorists while on the road.

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